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Wheelchair Assessment by Experts

For people who require mobility assistive equipment - such as wheelchairs, walkers, or artificial limbs - the right assistaive device can make all the difference in the world. Our Wheelchair Assessment Service is led by physical therapists who are certified Assistive Technology Professionals, and supported by suppliers of complex rehab technology who assist in advanced equipment selection. They work with clients to identify goals, physical capabilities and challenges, and environments where the equipment must function.

Other services include computerized pressure mapping assessments, standing frame evaluations, and custom seat cushion and back support shape capture. Proper evaluation can reduce costs, improve mobility and quality of life, and - equally important - prevent complications that result from ill-fitting equipment.

Wheelchair Assessment Brochure

We set aside 90 minutes to complete the initial wheelchair assessment, which is broken down into four parts: the interview, mat assessment, equipment simulation, and equipment specification.

Goals for the session include:

  • Maximizing independence with mobility
  • Recommending equipment that is functional, safe and comfortable
  • Improving posture and function while seated in a wheelchair
  • Preventing secondary complications, such as orthopedic deformity, loss of skin integrity, pain and depression

Jillian Cacopardo, MPT, ATP/SMS, is the clincal coordinator of our Wheelchair Assessment Services. She has published a number of articles and other content to help educate clinicians and the public about wheelchair use. 

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Rehab Management webinar on Standing
This webinar covers essentials for a successful standing program. Jillian explains how to reduce equipment abandonment and understand whether a person is right for a standing program. She also explains why standing wheelchairs are attractive options and offers funding tips.


Outpatient Wheelchair Assessment

A proper evaluation and prescription can reduce costs associated with preventable complications that result from ill-fitting equipment such as; orthopedic deformity, loss of skin integrity, chronic pain syndromes and depression.

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Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

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The Joint Commission

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