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Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is monitoring the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and is employing protective measures to ensure the well-being of our patients and staff.

Please see below for the latest updates.
The page will be updated frequently, so please check back regularly.

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June 17, 2021

UPDATE: Visitor Guidelines effective Thursday, June 17, 2021

Visitor Guidelines PDF

Gaylord Hospital monitors the COVID-19 cases in the state and continues to modify inpatient visitation as needed. The changes found below are effective Thursday, June 17, 2021:

Patients Under Investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 or who are COVID-19 positive (+) are excluded from having in-person visitors.

Two Visitors (12 years of age or older)​ at a time will be asked to adhere to the following rules:

• Visit between the hours of 12 noon – 7 p.m. Sunday - Saturday
• Visitors will enter and exit via the Jackson Pavilion main entrance
• Visitors must check in and check out at the Jackson Security desk. New visitors will not be permitted if previous visitors have not checked out.
• Visitors must show proper photo identification and be screened per COVID-19 Risk Screening guidelines upon entry to Gaylord, including:
          ■ Be asked to answer Risk Screening questions
Visitors must mask at all times and maintain social distancing
Visitors must be age 12 or older; patients with young children must have visitation arranged through the care manager.​
• Visits must take place in the patient’s room or outside patio (outside visit will be determined if it is safe for the patient by the medical staff and healthcare team)
Food and flower deliveries are permitted, but perishable food cannot be stored in the kitchen area and must be discarded
• Visitors are welcome to visit the cafe but ask that they enjoy their meal selections within the patient rooms as the shared spaces in the hospital continue to be reserved for our employees at this time. (inpatient gym, lobbies, etc.)
• Overnight visitors are limited to adolescent patient parent/guardian, end of life situations, or scheduled training for discharge. PPE will be provided as necessary.

Visitors traveling from outside of New England, NY, and NJ must be quarantined upon arrival to CT for a minimum of four (4) days, obtain a COVID test after quarantine, and show proof of a negative test prior to visitation unless proof of full vaccination is provided.

Updated 5/18/21

CDC: Learn more about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

State of Connecticut: If you have questions about COVID-19, you can contact the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health by:


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