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Concussion Care

Why Gaylord?

Every concussion is unique; expertise matters

Our decades of experience in treating brain injuries offer you the best opportunity for recovery after a severe concussion due to an accident or multi-trauma event. Specialty-trained experts provide individualized treatment for teens and adults. Our interdisciplinary team, consisting of physiatrists, neuropsychologists, therapists, and other specialists with advanced training in neurological disorders, will help maximize your recovery and return to previous activities, including work, sports, and other leisure activities

Personalized Care Plans

We offer personalized concussion recovery for every level of care

Athletes and Concussion

Contact or collision sports, such as football, soccer, wrestling, ice hockey, lacrosse, and rugby, have the highest incidence of concussion. Athletes who suffer a concussion are three to five times more likely to suffer a second concussion in the same season. Repeat injuries can take longer to recover from and are likely to be more severe. Thus, proper concussion management is critical, especially in determining when to return an athlete to play. Our therapists follow the recommendations and guidelines from the latest Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport.


Collisions, Accidents and Falls

Patients may have experienced a concussion following a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or ATV crash, no matter the vehicle's speed. Household accidents include slips, trips, and falls. Despite the cause, the signs and symptoms of a concussion should be watched for and treatment sought if the symptoms do not resolve.


Inpatient Concussion Care

Our inpatient program supports each stage of recovery with therapies that address the ability to speak, comprehend, reason, and remember. At Gaylord, rehabilitation from a brain injury is physical, emotional, and social. 


Outpatient Concussion Care

Every traumatic brain injury or concussion is unique. Our team of experts will carefully evaluate and assess your injury, so they can create the most effective program to support your recovery. 


Physical Therapy for Concussions

Our Physical Therapists assist in a comprehensive program to reduce pain and return to previous levels of function including work, school and sports. 


Work Place Injuries

Head injuries sustained in the workplace are often the result of slip and fall accidents, falling objects, motor vehicle accidents, and defective and dangerous equipment. A worker who has suffered a concussion may experience no symptoms initially or may have experienced a loss of consciousness. The need for a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach helps to guide the patients’ return to work safely.



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