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Neuropsychology Services

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Neuropsychology experts

Our work in many areas involving neurological function – stroke, concussion, traumatic brain injury, seizure disorders, and degenerative diseases, to name a few – has enabled us to develop a strong capability in neuropsychological evaluations. In fact, we’ve developed a Pediatric & Adolescent Neuropsychology program to serve younger people. Many area physicians refer patients who have ongoing difficulty with concentration, organization, reasoning, memory, language skill, perception, coordination, or even changes in personality. If you're interested in a neuropsychological evaluation, the first step is to talk with a physician to obtain a referral. We will perform the evaluation, help identify the root causes, coordinate with your doctor, and develop a treatment plan for the best course of action.

Pediatric & Adolescent Services

Pediatric and Adolescent Neuropsychology

For pediatric and adolescent patients (ages 2 to 22) neuropsychology evaluations are performed at our Wallingford campus. The focus of pediatric neuropsychology is learning, attention, and behavior in relationship to a child or adolescent's brain. Our licensed clinical psychologists use formal testing of abilities such as memory and language skills to assess brain function. Problems in these areas may be linked to psychiatric disorders and physical conditions including epilepsy and seizure disorders, traumatic brain injury, high risk histories, Tourette’s Syndrome and other genetic and neurological conditions involving, strokes, brain tumors, concussions, and more.

Outpatient Pediatric Neuropsychology

Children with medical conditions who are experiencing difficulties with their thinking, schoolwork, behavior or mood should be referred for a Neuropsychology Evaluation.

Personalized Care Plans

The program strives to maximize functional independence for every level of care

Outpatient Care 


If problems with memory or an inability to think clearly have become a continuing problem for you, you may be a candidate for a Neuropsychological Evaluation. The Neuropsychological Evaluation provides the basis for a diagnosis and plan of treatment. The Evaluation uses a set of standardized tests and procedures to systematically develop a comprehensive assessment of a number of cognitive and behavioral functions. 

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