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Telehealth Appointments


Welcome to your telehealth appointment

Congratulations On Scheduling A Telehealth Appointment With A GaylordProvider.
  •  Please do a self-test of your equipment prior to your appointment. Instructions on how to do a self-test can be found on page 2 in the “Before you Visit” section.
  • If you have already performed the equipment self-test and it did not identify any problems click the waiting room button below that matches your appointment type.

10 Minutes Before Your Appointment, Click The Waiting Room Link Below That Matches Your Appointment Type.

You will be placed into a virtual waiting room. A clinical coordinator or your provider will appear on screen to begin your appointment.

Before Your Visit

A few hours or the day before your appointment we ask that you perform a self-test on your computer/tablet/phone to be sure your appointment goes smoothly.

  • How do I test my equipment?
    We use two different types of virtual waiting rooms: Doxy and Zoom. We use Doxy for almost all appointments (medical services, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology and neuropsychology). We use Zoom only for Pulmonary Rehab.
  • Doxy appointment pre-call test:
    Click on the  Pre-call -Test button  which will launch a technical test screen. A new screen will appear that looks like the photo below. You will be taken through the steps needed to test your equipment. You will then receive a report on your screen explaining that either your device is ready to support your visit or that there is a technical problem. If you receive a message that your device has a technical problem with the audio, webcam, or internet bandwidth, follow the
    troubleshooting steps below.
  • Zoom/Pulmonary Rehab pre-call test: What should I do if the report says that I need to troubleshoot my equipment?
    Doxy appointments: If your self-test was not successful, it could be for one of several reasons. You will see a list of options that may be a affecting your
    connection. Click the button below for help with troubleshooting your equipment or connection.
  • Zoom Appointments: How can I make sure I get the best connection with my device when I am ready to make my call?
    If possible, before your call take the following steps to ensure the best connection:
    1. Restart your device before the call.
    2. Close (rather than minimize) other programs.
    3. Connect your device directly to the internet router, if possible.  
    4. Verify that you have a strong wireless signal strength.
    5. Reduce the number of other devices using the same wireless network (other phones, laptops, streaming sticks).

Other Helpful Telehealth Resources:

  • Downloadable PDF for DOXY visits that explains the steps for checking in for your telehealth appointment

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