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Ventilator Weaning

Ventilator Weaning Program

Ventilator Weaning from experts

Our vent weaning success rate is well above the national average and we’re often able to wean patients who couldn't be weaned at an acute care hospital. Care begins with a pre-arrival assessment so special needs are known up front. An individualized program is created and clear communication among the patient, care team and family is established. Internal care teams are led by a board-certified pulmonologist, and include 24-hour inpatient coverage by respiratory therapists.

Passy-Muir Valve

Vapotherm high flow therapy

Other aspects of care include Passy-Muir Valve expertise, Vapotherm High Flow Therapy, and an airway clearance protocol to start weaning as soon as possible. We also work to facilitate mobility with Early Mobilization Pathway, which aids in weaning and optmizes both progress and outcomes. Rehabilitation may also involve occupational and speech therapies, nutrition, the gym, greenhouse, and our 400-acre campus. Outpatient therapy stands ready to help discharged inpatients as well as any patient from the community.

Destination Vent Series

Watch our Destination Vent Series about our Ventilator Weaning Program

Personalized Care Plans

Gaylord’s pulmonary care is distinguished by the fact that we are a Passy-Muir Center of Excellence and the first Vapotherm Center of Excellence in the U.S.

Inpatient Vent Weaning

Our inpatient vent weaning supports each stage of recovery, at Gaylord, rehabilitation is physical, emotional, and social. The goal is to achieve maximum personal independence and a reentry to the community.

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