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Young Stroke Program

About Our Program

The Young Stroke Program

Stroke survivors who were very active before their stroke are often ready, willing, and able to participatein a more focused program. Our Young Stroke program, a segment of inpatient stroke care at Gaylord, takes advantage of the energy and resiliency of such patients. The Young Stroke program is not based onage; instead, participation is related to the patient's activity before the stroke, specifically if the person was a student, caregiver, or employed at the time of the stroke. Young Stroke participants often stay at the hospital, may return home, and continue with outpatient therapy or transitional care at Gaylord. The American Heart Association reported that nearly 20 percent of strokes happen to people still working. This program helps them get back to the life they were leading.

Personalized Care Plans

We offer personalized stroke recovery for every level of care

Inpatient Care

Each stroke survivor arrives at an inpatient unit with complicated needs, numerous questions, and the desire to know what the future holds. A clinical care team is assembled from key areas to support the patient’s recovery journey. Together, our experts and the patient begin the work of regaining strength, speech, mobility, and independence. The patient and their team determine the rate and pace of rehabilitation, and we face the future together every step of the way.

Outpatient Care

Making the fullest recovery from stroke often demands outpatient therapy. At Gaylord, we can provide experienced therapists and proven techniques and state-of-the-art technology to facilitate stroke rehabilitation at an advanced level, surrounding the patient with every resource needed to expand their abilities. Key components include speech, occupational, physical, aquatic, and cognitive therapies. Technology and its role in rehabilitation is also critical.

Why Gaylord

Why We Chose The Young Stroke Program

Eileen Mendez
Hear From A Patient

"I am thankful everyday for my wife choosing to go to Gaylord"

Chris Cartland

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