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$25,000 Grant to Expand Music Therapy Program at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020

WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT, July 15, 2020 – Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, a rehabilitation-focused nonprofit healthcare system, is pleased to announce that the Rea Charitable Trust has provided a $25,000 donation in support of its music therapy program.   The grant marks the third consecutive year that the Rea Charitable Trust, which is committed to the promotion of the arts, has supported the Gaylord program. The generous donation will fund high-quality bedside and group music therapy sessions for Gaylord inpatients and outpatients recovering from life-altering neurological injuries and illnesses.

Last year, the program reached more than 300 patients. The goal this year is to double the number of patients who can benefit from this service.

“Music makes a major difference in patients’ recovery of neurological functions such as speech, movement, cognition and senses”, explained Katie Butler, a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

"We hope that by being able to provide music therapy, we can affect the maximum recovery of memory and function for this population of our patients which includes stroke and traumatic brain injury."   About Gaylord Specialty Healthcare: Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is a rehabilitation-focused, nonprofit health system located in Wallingford, Connecticut, that provides inpatient and outpatient care for people at every point in their journey, from illness or injury to maximum recovery.   Gaylord Specialty Healthcare includes three components. Gaylord Hospital offers medical rehabilitation for acute illnesses, accidents, or complex medical conditions. Gaylord Outpatient Services offers nearly 40 programs for a wide range of conditions. Gaylord Physical Therapy provides orthopedic rehabilitation for recovery from surgery or injury. For more information please call (203) 284-2800 or go to

About Philanthropy at the Rea Charitable Trust: The Rea Charitable Trust, managed by Wells Fargo Wealth Management in Midland, Texas, was created in 2009 with its primary purpose being the promotion of the arts. Isabel McClintic Rea was born on December 31, 1917 into a well-known Midland ranching family. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McClintic. She attended high school in Midland, Texas, graduating with the class of 1935. She majored in music at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia. She married Bryce Rea, Jr. and had one son, Charles Bryce Rea. Mrs. Rea was known as one of Midland’s most talented pianists. She passed away on August 26, 2004.

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