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C3 Clinic: Caring for COVID Patients Remotely

Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

By Ivanhoe Broadcast News on March 4, 2021Family Health Nutrition and Wellness

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — There’s new hope for the end of COVID-19 with promising new vaccines. But, in the meantime, the country is surging with record number cases. Doctors have been struggling with the best way to treat patients showing symptoms, but who don’t require hospitalization. Now one hospital in California has come up with their answer … a full-service clinic in the patient’s own home.

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The COVID-19 Comprehensive Care Clinic has been open since August. Currently, the team sees about 60 patients each day, with many returning to health in 14 days. Other hospitals are also adapting their approach of treating out-patient COVID cases. Among those are NYU Langone Medical Center and Gaylord Hospital in Connecticut.

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