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Defying Gravity with Aquatic Therapy

Defying Gravity with Aquatic Therapy

Rehab Management Magazine
By Kaila Morin, PT, DPT, CBIS
July 28, 2022

The pool is a unique healing environment that has proven to accelerate the recoveries of many neurorehabilitation clients. Aquatic therapy is quickly gaining in popularity as a highly effective adjunct or alternative to land-based therapy due to the immense inherent beneficial properties of water.

The simple addition of aquatic therapy into a patient’s plan of care may propel their progress, enabling them to stand on their own, take their first unassisted steps, climb stairs, or achieve other milestones for the first time in weeks, months—or even years!

Aquatic therapy not only fosters physical improvements in strength, balance, and functional mobility, but can greatly bolster confidence in clients’ abilities both in and out of the water.