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Simple acts can spread joy to those around you—and they don't cost a thing

Connecticut Magazine

Mike Wollschlager

Nov 19, 2020

Sometimes it only takes a few seconds to make someone’s whole day. “It really is the small acts of kindness that make the biggest impact on people,” says Melissa Pinto, a licensed clinical social worker at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare in Wallingford. She says studies have shown a link between being generous and kind to others and our own personal happiness. But those same small acts can also be focused inward. “I always tell my patients,” Pinto says, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Positive affirmation: “Start your day off with speaking highly to yourself.” Pinto says to look into a mirror and speak something into existence, set an intention. You are kind. You are brave. Today’s going to be a great day. You’ll get through this. You’re strong.   READ MORE