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Their lives changed, COVID long haulers find ‘family’ at support group

Wednesday, Jun 08, 2022

CT Insider
By Jordan Fenster
May 31, 2022

Willie Collier’s voice is gravelly from the tube in his throat, though he said he “wasn’t much of a singer” even before he caught COVID.

Collier, of North Haven, went into the hospital with a COVID infection on March 30, 2020. He was in a coma for two months. He was intubated and had a tracheostomy tube, often called a “trach,” put in.

The tube is still there, more than two years later.

The problem, he said, is scar tissue that grew in his trachea while he was intubated. He’d given up hope of ever having it removed. His doctor suggested a specialist in New York City, but Collier was tired of trying

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